Screenshot of Keep It Forever
Screenshot of Keep It Forever
  • Make beautiful photo albums – we call them keepsake boxes
  • Add words and stories to your photos
  • Shoot photos with the ForeverCam
  • Edit your photos, make your own box covers and choose a favorite background
  • The code protected “Purple Box” is your innermost room
  • Let someone special inherit your keepsakes when you’ve gone

«For what is joy if it goes unrecorded
...and what is love if it is not shared»


We offered a free version, and two subscription plans with unlimited space and boxes.

Every keepsake saved was pre-paid forever. Even if you stopped your subscription you could still view your keepsakes and we intended to keep them safe forever.

As promised we have now returned all 50751 keepsakes to our registered users. The keepsakes may be viewed locally in a PC web browser with a menu corresponding to the box names that was made. Every keepsake with text added is preserved and returned and may be enjoyed forever if it is kept safe. The app still works well on iPhone, with all your photos and comments (as of OS 16.5) if flightmode is enabled before opening the app.

Free version 100 keepsakes, 5 boxes -- Monthly unlimited subscription $0.99 -- Yearly unlimited subscription $9.99

«In a world of fleeting online communications and passing social-media interactions, it's all too easy for love and magic to slip by unnoticed: lost in the headlong rush to like, comment, tweet, and follow. We forget to pause. Forget to take a break. Forget to store the gifts of love. Forget to cherish the words that are whispered from soul to soul. Forget the memories and the moments that really matter.»

This is what Keep It Forever was all about. A place to store personal treasures. A place made with "forever" in mind. A place that you could revisit throughout your life, and maybe someday pass your keepsakes on to a loved one after you've gone. Who knows where the road will take us?

Life is long.

THANK YOU for once signing up and making us part of your life. We really believed in Keep it forever and loved using it to its closing date. We think it was a magical service. How wonderful that you're in this world.